[4K] City Walk in Weinheim Germany Autumn 2020 – Town of Two Castles #Germany #travel

This 4K walking tour in Weinheim City, Germany, offers a great way to enjoy a walk and Weinheim in Autumn 2020 before the 2nd lockdown. Weinheim is known as the “Town of Two Castles” (Zwei-Burgen-Stadt), after two fortresses overlooking the town from the edge of the Odenwald in the east.

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Weinheim is a town with about 43,000 inhabitants in northwest Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, approximately 15 km north of Heidelberg and 10 km northeast of Mannheim. Weinheim’s nickname, the town of two castles (Zweiburgenstadt), refers to the Windeck and Wachenburg castles, both on wooded hills. You can see them from the top of the market square. Only 20 minutes north of Heidelberg, Weinheim ticks all the boxes: a romantic ruined fortress, a medieval Tanners’ Quarter and the Marktplatz, the main square with its 16th-century buildings. Easy to explore on foot, it has lively bistros, pubs for lingering over a beer and some of the region’s most attractive parks and gardens. Moreover, the town is known for its delightful, almost Mediterranean climate. And that’s official. When Emperor Joseph II drove through in 1764, he announced: “This is where Germany starts to be Italy.” With the transfer to Baden in 1803, Weinheim became the seat of its own Amt, which was unified with Landkreis Mannheim in 1936. From 1938 onwards Weinheim belonged to Landkreis Mannheim until January 1, 1973, when the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis was formed.

00:00 Windeck Castle
15:49 City Center
20:56 Münzgasse
25:18 Marketplace
26:34 St. Laurentius Church
29:06 City Hall

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