&#39Slum Tourism&#39 & Rethinking Satisfaction: VICE News Tonight Complete Episode (HBO)

This is the June seven, 2019, Complete Free of charge EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

1:fifty eight The Hyde amendment has normally been enormously unpopular with abortion-legal rights activists. It would make it substantially much more tricky for Medicaid recipients — decrease-profits gals, who are disproportionately gals of coloration — to have entry to abortions.

6:30 Key Minister Theresa May possibly officially quits right now — the newest casualty of the slow-motion car crash that is Brexit. May possibly unsuccessful spectacularly to get her version of Brexit by way of Parliament. Around and about.

9:12 If South African seashores and wine tours really don’t do it for you, you can pay a visit to a slum. Township tours take typically white European tourists to see the “real” South Africa, with a pay a visit to to extraordinary poverty.

sixteen:01 The Stonewall Inn is now a nationwide monument. But a vital portion of the Stonewall story has for a extensive time been forgotten or played down: The role that trans gals of coloration played through the insurrection.

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  1. The 'slum tourism' part pissed me off…it pissed me off that europeans would set out to do that kind of 'tourism.' It especially pissed me off bcz I love Africa, especially SA, and Cape Town is my favorite city in the world. When I was in Cape Town last, we stayed at a nice hotel, went to amazing restaurants, took the boat ride to the prison island where Nelson Mandela was jailed back in the day and got to actually stand inside his former cell (RIP to a great man), we went to winerys, and checked out some local art. People in Cape Town are very friendly if you act like you have some damn sense and after a few weeks being there, two of the employees at the hotel we were staying at asked 3 of us (we were in a group of 8) to come to dinner the following Tuesday at one of their homes (though it really ended up being more like an outside potluck kinda thing for that particular neighborhood) which just happened to be in a township. Now since we had been personally invited, we went, and we had an amazing time. Now the township wasn't the Taj Mahal but it damn sure wasn't near as ran down as some of the ones they showed in this doc, but I also just think its bullshit that you have so called tourist guides who get paid money by rich tourists to basically trespass on other pplz areas. It's just plain disrespectful!!! Now out in the bush in Botswana, Zambia, even a few places in SA that are deep out in the bush, there will be little villages that are cut off from just about all modern conveniences and the old ways that they made $ dont work anymore and they're not able to grow enough food or hunt enough sometimes and so the chieftains will contact tourist guides and ask them to bring tourists to the villages where the women and men will sell the most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL homemade bowls, spears, jewelry, etc and its just common courtesy that you buy something at every village even if you already have enough of similar stuff. Now I think that is okay bcz it is the village wanting these tourists to come and omg I have this handcrafted hand carved drum that this man had made in one of the villages and I paid a lot for it bcz it was worth more then he was asking and to this day that drum is one of my top 5 most prized possessions. What's not okay is for privileged white people to go traipsing around townships in Cape Town or any other CITY where ppl are just trying to live their lives!! And if youre going to do it regardless then you need to offer money or your own labor to each person in the township whos area you walk by! It is also common courtesy to bring candy for all the children in villages so yall cocky caucasians could at least make sure to do that when you go invading the personal space of the ppl of the townships.

  2. I have an idea for South African tourism. Make visitors stay at white farms for a week and experience the joys of local hospitality and exciting local wildlife.

  3. When I take my family to the united states, I make sure to take them on a tour of detroit. Sure, California, the weed, the beach, etc is funny for a day, but I want my kids to have the fear of God in them, I mean see how real American live.

  4. Pretty fucking sad as a human race when we can pump BILLIONS into fucking murdering eachother but NASA has to pimp out a hotel room on their space station to explore the stars. Agent Smith in the Matrix was right, we are a fucking virus on this planet.

  5. A 21st century “Democrat” tryin to make more things “free” I.e. payed for by everyone else(who pays taxes), noooo, you don’t say?! Not like we haven’t been seeing THAT shift ACROSS THE BOARD lately…

  6. I have mixed feelings about the South African slum tour; on the one hand I can see how it could be exploitative, basically the poor folks can be seen as props, but OTOH I can see how it can be educational for the tourists to see a side of South Africa most tourists wouldn't dare see on their own. Ultimately if the residents are ok with it then I suppose it's ok. Just don't take pictures without permission. Dunno if I would do the tour though.

  7. So Biden caved to the mob on abortion and Vice interviewed the least biased group on the issue, NARAL, to understand why; seriously who cares about May and Brexit at this point beyond the British; apparently poverty tourism is a thing and Vice wonders why Apartheid topics are not pushed more strongly on the South African tour; and an old miserable trans individual likes talking smack about younger activists while patting herself on the back for putting forth a misleading presentation of what actually occurred at Stonewall. Well that is my summation of this video, please feel free to agree or disagree with it.

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