180608 GOT7 (갓세븐) At GOT7 Earth Tour 2018 In Berlin, Germany #Germany #travel

180608 GOT7 (갓세븐) At GOT7 Earth Tour 2018 In Berlin, Germany
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►Ending song: Heart Afire – Defqwop ft. Strix
►Credit: @annlalla, @kihyunie, @taedfsoul, @0328stagram, @markurheart852, @myspace_bs, @peachesyugyeom, @tuanpics, @wjepapillon, @missingyouknj, @angeItuan, @mingyuplanet, @Hmelikeh, @9217_pjykyg, @clumsynamjoon. Remember to make contact with for credit score. Thank you.
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  1. this was not only my first ever kpop concert but my actual FIRST EVER CONCERT and it's been more than i could have ever asked for… time went away so quickly, but the memories will last forever. thank you GOT7 for giving us your best and we will always give our best to you! i miss you so much….

  2. Woow!!!!!! Thanks for this video, I'm from Russia and I'm very happy that Berlin Aghase supported our boys sooo much. I think this concert was very emotional to fans and members. So thank you for supporting them. You know, it's hard to me to write this because I'm without translator now, so I hope you'll understand what I wanted to say.

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