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With a wealth of historical sites, fantastic monuments, beautiful architecture and lovely, leafy parks, Spain’s cities are magical to explore. World-class restaurants and lively bars dot the streets, where locals and foreigners stay out until the early morning enjoying the pounding nightlife on offer. Often set in gorgeous locations, sun, sea and silky sands add yet another welcome dimension to all that there is to see and do.

With fantastic cultural attractions in the shape of museums and galleries, as well as a plethora of local events and festivals highlighting the country’s diverse cultural makeup, the best cities in Spain have everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

1) Intro – 00:00
2) A Coruna Spain – 00:46
3) Pamplona Spain – 01:19
4) Salamanca Spain – 01:55
5) Las Palmas Spain – 02:29
6) Cádiz Spain – 03:03
7) San Sebastian Spain – 03:34
8) Alicante Spain – 04:16
9) Palma de Mallorca Spain – 04:49
10) Zaragoza Spain – 05:25
11) Cordoba Spain – 06:04
12) Malaga Spain – 06:53
13) Bilbao Spain – 07:35
14) Granada Spain – 08:29
15) Valencia Spain – 09:14
16) Sevilla Spain – 09:50
17) Madrid Spain – 10:32
18) Barcelona Spain – 11:19
19) Outro – 12:24

Spain’s dynamic metropolises, breathtaking landscapes and cultural offerings are second to none, making the country an undisputed stop on many travelers’ European vacation itineraries. With so many varied destinations, each with its own celebrated sites, it may be hard deciding which cities are worth traveling for.


Spain is a bright, vibrant and exciting place to visit. Steeped in culture and with a wealth of history to discover Spain is the perfect destination for a European vacation. I’ve compiled a list of the top cities in Spain that you must visit.


Spain is a DREAM of a country for backpackers, with stunning nature, buzzing cities, glorious weather, amazing surf, sociable hostels and all sorts of heavenly cheap food. One of the best things about Spain is that you can travel with relative ease between the towns and cities that scatter this epic country.

The sheer number of amazing places to visit in Spain means this country can keep you entertained for months, from the Basque culture in the north, the Arabesque influence in southern Spain to the Catalan culture in and around Barcelona.

Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destination, thanks to our country’s variety of attractions. In this regard, it is important to note that Spain is the world’s second country with the most World Heritage cities, the third in terms of natural areas declared Biosphere Reserves, or the country with the most Blue Flag beaches in the entire Northern Hemisphere.

These are only a few examples of the attractions that Spain has to offer its visitors, but you can learn more about them on this website, where you will find everything you need to organize and enjoy your visit to Spain.
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