15 SCARIEST Attractions in the World #Spain #travel

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  1. Hahaha, for anyone curious, #10 Bloukrans is pronounced "blow-kraans". Blou is Afrikaans, one of the 11 national languages of South Africa, for blue – while Krans is Afrikaans for Cliff, however, the two words together translate to "Blue Wreath".

  2. For anyone who doesn’t know why it’s called formula Rossi by Ferrari formula 1 AKA: F1 is a racing thing with high speed cars and stuff with different teams and Ferrari is one and Abu Dhabi Is one of the best F1 tracks known

  3. Been to Bran Caste twice – there is NOTHING scary about it. As cool as it is there is no reason for it to be here.
    As a side note – there is NO evidence Vlad ever visited there; but it is great for tourists

  4. You think those dolls are scary?!? What about the collection of Anatoly Moskvin?!?!?!? I guess technically the right term is "attractions" plural, as you'd have to hit multiple cemeteries to visit his "doll" collection now that they've been reburied, but it produced new levels of horror over what happens when you die and tugs at so many different phobias I don't think I'll EVER see a large, life-sized doll and NOT think about that! Also, I happen to think that the origin story of Stoker's vampire idea coming from old European legends but filtered through the modern, young nation of the United States the most fascinating part of how that came together! When a desperate New England town ripped by a heavy tuberculosis outbreak pressured a father to let them dig up his daughter to "prove" she wasn't the undead vampire causing the sickness OR deal with her body appropriately to stop her visitations, they ended up going with the latter version rather than realizing that she could stay looking "fresh" as a corpse because she was buried in the freezing ground of Rhode Island. So, they burned her heart, made a drink with the ashes for his son to take as a "cure" and mutilated the body–much like happens to Bram Stoker's Lucy. Having recently identified the bacteria causing the illness in Europe, the case of "vampire" Mercy Brown was covered in European papers as a part of "those dumb American rubes" attitude, neatly flipping the script on the legend's origins. (Yes, we know he had likely seen those stories in newspapers, which circulated where he was.) So, instead of a castle in Europe, you should put up a barn in Rhode Island as the home Dracula's dark misdeeds!

  5. Number 15 the formula rosa roller-coaster is not that dangerous or scary as they've made it out to be. It's more or less like any other roller-coaster. And it's actually quite fun. I went on it 2 times back to back.

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