14 Factors you Have to do in Seville, SPAIN! | What to Take in & do | Tapas, Flamenco! #Spain #vacation

Hey Every person!
Hope you enjoy this movie on Spain, my initial time there with my household. Listed here are a couple of great points you want to do in Seville, the birthplace of Tapas and Flamenco and Bullfighting!

Hope you enjoy 🙂
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  1. Im from Seville and this is making me so proud of my city.
    I always felt that Spain is an ugly country that did HORRIBKE things but now I have another watch of my city and my culture.

    Sorry if my english is that poor, Im just learning the language and Im not very good

  2. "Seville is the birthplace of all the things you love, bullfighting, flamenco dancing, tapas" Really, l would love the last 2 but definitely l do NOT love bullfighting, it is a cruel "sport" where they kill the bull at the end, sometimes by sticking a knife through its brain which is more than some people have !!

  3. It does not look or taste like churros because what you ordered were Porras not Churros 😛
    And tapas is just a way of eating that reminds me pretty much like asians do serving a bunch of small dishes and share it together like they do in Korea or Japan. But it's not original from Seville, honestly the origin is pretty confuse and you can find that way of eating all over Spain changing the food you eat for local recipes.

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