13 Vital Bucket List Visits to Make Before 30 | World Journey Guidebook #Spain #travel

If you haven’t checked these 13 Vital BUCKET List Visits off YOUR Bucket List – then stop what you happen to be executing and view this entire world travel guide, and if you can, do them ahead of you flip 30!




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  1. Loved this video!! Been lucky enough to be in Southeast Asia, Europe and Asia. Feel free to check out my instagram account: rocio_adventures. Thank you for posting the video!

  2. Is it good that I'm 16 and already planning on travel plans with my best friends like right after high school we're going to go on a road trip and then after college we want to try and go on a world trip and see you like the world wonders and thanks for the ideas I really like the idea of backpacking in Europe I've heard it come up so many times when people talk about travel and I think it would be awesome because I've never really got to experience the world because of my past and my family now is great but they can be a little confining to what I do and it is kind a hard to discover myself and see what I would do because I always have this little voice in the back my head thing on ice not safe and not clean or whatever but I hope I get to spread out and discover myself one day thank you for all the help I love your videos and you guys!

  3. Well I guess I'm doing it right 😀 25 and done all of those "13 trips" over the last 6-7 years…and I'm of course currently travelling…1.) Well I'm from Europe but I did travel through Europe with friends…2.) My first big trip was 17 months long straight after school (AUS, NZ and SEA)…3.) Most of my trips were and are solo trips, you are never alone for long, meeting amazing people from all over the world (and girls: get out there! There is nothing scary about travelling alone as a female!!!)…4.) Free spirit travelling atm in the Americas…5.) Festivals: mostly slackline (sport) festivals but thrown 1-2 music festivals in there too…6.) Love ohh yeah, made such great connections with beautiful people (well guys in my case), it really teaches you to enjoy the time you have with a significant other because your travels might part you rather sooner than later (btw my parents met on a flight to Turkey 😉 )… 7.) Dirt-bag trip: well most of my trips (mainly slacklining and climbing while camping or staying at friends places)… 8.) Climbed mountains in a lot of places especially to rock-climb and highline… 9.) Cultural immersion: always as much as possible with (new and old) friends from all over the world them showing me their places …10.) Meaningful travel: sharing knowledge, teaching and helping people doing various things in different countries :)…. wait hmm 13 points? well maybe some of them were the work and holiday visa (done in NZ and AUS) and learning new languages (English, French, and trying to learn Spanish, Portugiese and Thai, with German as my mother tongue)?…greetings from Mexico

  4. I wish I did this. I went to college right after high school. Summer school and jobs every summer. Then started working a corporate job to pay off my loans and bills etc a week after graduation. So … There was never any time to do this. Now married with a mortgage and a baby and more bills than ever before …. No time or energy or money to travel anymore.

  5. I've been missing you guys!!! I love travel. I sell vacations and believe it's the best soul therapy there is!! I respect both these brothers and have followed you for years now.

    My brother is my best friend and he is dying of stage 4 cancer. He watches my vlogs and we connect in new ways. I take him with everywhere.

    I'm hoping to hit 5 countries this year. love ya..

  6. There's this girl that I met that lives in Vienna, Austria and I'd really like to go see her but I'm too afraid and too broke lol I'm definitely gonna save money though.

  7. I'm Planning to take my bucketlist trip early next year, a trip to tasmania australia. the first place I can ever remember wanting to go. this video really helped me not feel selfish for taking this trip. thanks guys!

  8. Are you guys spiritual, I mean, do you conform to a religion, because the Camino De Santiago is Christian, it´s not a spiritual journey for all religions and it´s sad that it is being used as such. IMHO

  9. Would love to see a video on tips for solo travels !! I travel Often but never actually travelled completely alone and I absolutely want to.. it be great to see a video dedicated on that ❤️

  10. I really do recommend travelling by yourself for a while. You learn so much about yourself and about the world. This is truly the best way to reflect on your life and what you want to do. Love the list!

  11. As a new subscriber and a 20 year old, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this video, and it's definitely given me some ideas! Just a few days ago, I actually booked my first two solo trips, and I can't wait!

  12. Thanks for this video. I’m about to finish uni and i am 21, everybody around me is starting their life. Getting the real j o b, living together with s/o etc. I really don’t feel like that is what i want right now. I am happy for them and i have to admit that it feels like i am getting behind on them in life. It feels like i am doing something wrong by not starting my serious adult life. I am not sure if it is them judging me or it is me assuming they will judge me, but something makes me feel like i am doing something wrong. This video made me realize that my choice to travel and not be an adult for a while yet, is also a good one. Because i am going to learn a lot and i still have plenty time left after this.

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