12 SHOCKINGLY AFFORDABLE Destinations for Budget Travel in 2021

The 12 countries I’m covering in this video are a right of passage for any avid traveler in 2021 and they may be touristy, but you’ll come to find that they are touristy for very good reasons.

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No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on a budget- the best thing you can do when learning how to travel is realizing that No destination is really ever “too expensive”. You just have to get creative with it. The things you look for when you’re just getting started seeing the world is
1. Budget Friendly prices
2. Safe and easy to navigate
3. Filled once in a lifetime experiences

I’ve lived on anywhere between $15-$60 USD per day while traveling and depending on where in the world I was, I was able to fully experience each destination.

Speaking from my experiences, I would say that roughly 75% of places around the world can be done on a budget but it takes time to develop money saving hacks and habits so if you are just starting out it’s good to get a few, budget friendly and easy countries under your belt.

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  1. I’ve traveled to Guatemala for a mission trip a few years ago, it was such an experience I’d never forget. I’d definitely would go again, very eye opening

  2. Might wanna add disclaimers stating this is based on what US people make and are able to spend. This is impossible for someone from Central America, let alone people from really poor countries. I'm from CR which in theory, we do not earn the worst but as an example; a plane ticket for $500 for most US people is not that much but for most of us is almost half of our monthly income. For someone in Nicaragua is a 1/8 of their YEARLY income

  3. If you get to go to Honduras be careful and always stay in places were there many police. Even now that not everyperson is the same is usual how many hondureños in the capital act like they now your question and ask the person to follow them so they can rob or even kill the tourist so be careful

  4. if u want to see settler colonialism with ur own eyes go ahead. go to palestine nOt isr*el and see the genocide that is happening of course for whiTe people they can easily go there without any worries but people whose land that is people who have lived there there whole lives are kicked out of their homes while these settlers are warmly welcomed.

  5. You just showed a picture of Al-Quds and then called it Israel? Literally watching people try to erase Palestinians as a people and their existence/culture/beauty is just shameful. At least acknowledge their oppression/suffering by saying it was Palestine.

  6. Only after this video did I make a travel bucket list, and was it a long one. I made a 21 entry long list, can you believe that… I won't lie, I'm kinda impressed.

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