10 Top Tourist Attractions in Seville #Spain #travel

Like every great city in Europe, Seville has its share of must-see attractions, but the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region also boasts that quixotic quality that travelers yearn for the most: atmosphere. While the city’s lively mix of Gothic, Mudéjar, Renaissance and Modern architecture is dazzling, it’s the lust for life of the Sevillian people that makes a trip to Seville so unique and memorable. There’s an irresistible vitality to Seville that bathes Spain’s fourth-largest city with a warm and sunny glow. Whether swaying to the rhythmic tapping of a flamenco dancer’s nail-capped shoes or dancing the night away at a modern open-air discotheque, it’s hard to sit still in this engaging city. An overview of the top tourist attractions in Seville


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