10 Best Places to Visit in Brazil – Travel Video #Spain #travel

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Famous for being home to one of the world’s top football teams, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival and the remarkable Iguazu Falls, Brazil is an exciting world travel destination. As South America’s largest country, Brazil covers a majority of the continent’s northeastern region and borders all of its countries except for Chile and Ecuador. From the Amazon rainforest in the North to the tropical beaches along the Atlantic, to the Pantanal wetlands and the vibrant metropolises of the Southeast there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Brazil.



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  2. Nice selection , but my list would have Fernando de Noronha, Lençóis Maranhenses, Canions de Cambara do Sul , Monte Roraima, Ilha de Marajó, Maragogi. For the cities Olinda, Gramado should be on this list.

  3. It looks like this guys have poop inside their head. Mentioned lots of shitty place that seemed more like the hell on Earth despite our country have countless other really beautiful, enjoyable and peaceful places to visit.

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