(감독판) 꿈만 같았던 김재중의 아르헨티나 여행기 되돌아보기 [트래블 버디즈] EP.10

그동안 ‘트래블 버디즈’를 시청해주셔서 감사합니다.

지구 반대편의 낯선 곳 아르헨티나에서 만나는 낯선 친구들!
K-POP 아이돌, 배우로 종횡무진하는 핵인싸 김재중의 아르헨티나 찐 동행여행기 ‘트래블 버디즈’
– 토요일 오후 6시 30분 라이프타임 TV채널 공개!

#김재중 #트래블버디즈 #마지막방송


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    This guy has donated 10million won and 10k+ face masks to China ever since January when the virus is not a global issue yet (try to search for the news if u don't trust me). Will a man like this joke about virus?

    He has been creating awareness on Twitter and asking public to be alert since the beginning of the year but NOBODY CARES. There are already few Japanese artists tested positive and 1 comedian passed away, but some Japanese youngsters still left comments on his twitter that they wanna watch cherry blossom together.

    HE'S VERY SERIOUS in his statement but the public is just focusing on the 'april fool joke'. Try to get a good translation of the statement if u don't understand korean.

    His dad just had a lung surgery and he definitely knows about the shortage of staffs in hospitals.

    He has used other ways in bringing awareness but people just don't give a f**k (he states it in the statement that even people around him don't take the virus seriously), until he gets himself into such news.

    MOST PEOPLE PAY MORE ATTENTION ON NEGATIVE NEWS like this, just like people don't even know who he is before this news.

    For those who says he just wanna get attention, EXCUSE ME? He's abandoned from the korean music industry for 10+ years but doing well on his own. Why would he picks such a sensitive period to get attention? He knows the rules in the industry better than others.

    If he doesn't care, he won't donate that much.

    If he's irresponsible, he could have say that his insta was hacked and that's all, end of the story, but HE DIDN'T.

    Yes, there are more appropriate ways in bringing awareness. But there's definitely no need to tease him as a joker OR curse him to get the virus. PLS DO MORE RESEARCH BEFORE U JUDGE AND MAKE COMMENT by many of the misleading news which only focus on the 'joke' instead of the message he tries to pass.

    HE HAS CONTRIBUTED MORE THAN MANY OF US and i really think we are not in the position to judge or punish him 🙂

  2. me alegra mucho que JJ haya disfrutado de los paisajes y de las personas que conoció aquí! ♥ espero que esos hermosos recuerdos lo lleve siempre en su corazón y nunca nos olvide ♥ gracias por traer a Jaejoong a mi país Lifetime!! ♥ ♥ ojala hagan una segunda temporada!!!!!! 😀

  3. Thank you LifetimeKorea for giving Jaejoong a chance to travel and enjoy himself in Argentina. I love to see his happy sides while travelling in a faraway place. I'm looking forward to season 2 and the broadcast this Saturday! Thank you so much. Keep being yourself Jaejoong-ah, we love you for who you are!

  4. 김대중이는 임간미 있고 마음이 따뜻한 사람입니다~이번 여행중에도 주변 사람들과 잘 지냈고 좋은 주억 많이많이 가진게 됐습니다~다들 너무 고맙고~김재중이 함께하는 트래블 버디즈 시즌2 기대합니다!소망합니다!

  5. 트래블버디즈 진짜 힐링예능이었고 ,대리만족하며 봤는데. . 왜그랬는지 . .이해안가지만
    이렇게되서 너무 안타까워요.
    그래도 마지막까지 영상 올려주셔서 감사합니다.

  6. For getting cup noodle you have to go to a big supermarket like COTO, DIA or Carrefour and in the pasta or soup section you will find Maruchan. Or you could buy it in Chinatown in Belgrano or In Flores Korean neightbouhood, there are lots of brands and type of instant noodles in that part of Bs As

  7. 김재중과 함께 동행하며 아르헨티나의 대자연에서 힐링받는 너무나 좋은 시간이었어요~~멋진 영상을 담아주신 분들께 감사드리며 김재중과 함께 다시한번 아름다운 세계를 여행할 수 있기를 간절히 바래요!!

  8. 저에게는 평생 못가볼 나라인데 트래블버디즈 덕분에 눈호강 많이 했어요.감사합니다.김재중의 내추럴한 모습도 많이 볼 수 있어서 좋았습니다. 티비 화면으로도 꼭 다시 보고싶네요.

  9. 그동안 매주 라이프타임을통해 재중이를 볼수있어서 행복했어요.. 너무 많이 감사합니다~ 재중이 앞으로도 자주자주 보고싶어요~~

  10. 방식은 잘못되고 서툴렀지만 언젠가는 너의 진심이 모든 사람에게 닿기를.. 랖탐선생님들, 트래블버디즈는 재중이 한국팬들에게 한줄기 희망과 같은 프로였어요. 그동안 너무 감사했습니다. 그리고 팬들에게 항상 좋은 추억 주려는 재중이도 고마워. 건강이 최고다!

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