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【4K】WALK Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 4k video HDR Travel channel

4k walking in a new season! 2020 has been a difficult year everywhere, but this travel vlogger is back street walking! Come with us on this cinematic virtual walking tour in Recoleta along the Avenida Alvear in BA. I love AR! A wonderful avenue where the luxurious Alvear Palace Hotel is located as well as the Palacio Duhau and the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Argentina. This Avenue has been typically known for its glamour with exclusive boutiques and shops. Its architecture with its European influence, specially from France is gorgeous. Nowadays is not in its better moment as several businesses have closed. Anyway you can get the feeling. Enjoy this spring virtual tour of this iconic Ave.

This travel vlog takes you to virtual hike with us in Recoleta with a video 4k!

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  1. Thank you so much for inspiring me to travel. Regardless of the fact that I don't have enough money to spend on any luxurious trips, I am still inspired though. Thank you, whoever you are.

  2. Beautiful city, landscaping, architecture. We were told that Argentina is behind its debt payments to world bank, blah, blah and is about to file bankruptcy. I don’t see any signs at least not on the walk? Could you please take us to shops, crowded places (where they sell Chinese made stuff:-), I want to compare a different part of the city. This part seems like a beauty-salon made part. No offense, I could be wrong. Also, if English is commonly spoken and understood? At this time, I am very motivated to come.

  3. Llegaron a Buenos Aires 4 millones de italianos entre 1850 y 1945, la comunidad más grande fuera de Italia.Los Franceses fueron la segunda comunidad, El paisajista Thays francés diseñó gran parte de Buenos Aires, por eso es tan parisina. Muchas ciudades quieren copiarla, pero Baires, es histórica, es siempre, eternamente Buenos Aires

  4. Your videos are so clear, smooth and so well shot, they put mine to shame. What kind of equipment do you use to shoot? (a gimbal?) I'm sure you have some top quality gear because this looks very top rate!

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