दुनिया का एकमात्र सर्टिफाइड सेवन स्टार होटल | Burj Al Arab

Hello friends, welcome to another great video of Top 10 Hindi. Although there are many luxurious hotels in the world, do you want to know about the only certified seven star hotel in the world? If yes, stay in the video till the end because in this video we will have you traveling to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world which is the only certified seven star hotel. Burl Al Arab is its the third tallest hotel in the world and is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. There are eighteen elevators in the hotel. The smallest suite has 1820 square feet of space which are larger than most people’s homes. The largest has 8400 square feet of luxurious space to enjoy while staying there which is larger than a lot of businesses.
Dubai Video

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  1. This hotel is only meant for millionaires, who can come in Dream city Dubai with family for enjoyed holidays, but not a ordinary medium class person. This hotel I saw from outside, but I saw full hotel from second time, which is most beautiful. But i feel, we shd go there, where we wl get mental satisfaction from our lives.

  2. गाँड़ फट गई चचा जान !! ई सब देख सुन के

    हमरी 10 स्टार की झोपड़िया ही काफी है, मेरे जिंदगी जीने के लिए।
    बाकी मर के तो खाली हाथ ऊपर ही जाना है सबको।।
    क्या करेंगे

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